Me again!

Saturday, December 26, 2009 at 10:31 pm (Happenings in KD's life)

Good evening, chums! I am writing 2 days in a row. Do I get a gold star? Didn’t think so…

Anyway, I promised an update, as it’s been ages since I wrote in this thing regularly. So I shall do my best. Here is a list of stuff that has happened to me in the interim between entries!

  • I have a new computer! My previous one decided to break right after the warranty expired, so we figured, instead of fighting about repair costs with Dell, it would be easier to just tell the insurance company I dropped it so they’d buy me a new one. And they did! It is small, black, and shiny. It’s about 3 pounds, which is much easier on my poor back. I have decided to name her Belle. And before anyone gets any ideas, the name has nothing whatsoever to do with Bella Swan from the Twilight series.
  • I have a new, beautiful, and most of all, ACCESSIBLE cell phone! I can now surf the internet, send text messages, check my missed and received calls, and add and organize contacts, all by my very own self! I can also take pictures of things like documents and currency, and a special little program, which you can learn more about right here, identifies them for me! And know what’s even more amazing? I got all this for freeeeeeeee! Which brings me to my next item.
  • After 4 years of applying, I finally won an NFB scholarship! I got to go to the national convention, meet lots of awesome people and hang out with awesome people I’d already met, and attend a scholarship banquet in a sparkly orange dress I borrowed from Amber! OK, so maybe “borrowed” isn’t the correct word, since I didn’t think to ask her if I could have it until about 45 minutes before the banquet… but hey. Who lives and dies on technicalities, anyway?
  • I acquired several more new toys, which include:
    • A new, tiny book player that will play anything from Audible books, to specially formatted audio textbooks, to plain old Word documents and MP3 files. So basically, an iPOD for the blind. It is called a Booksense and I adore it, only I haven’t named it yet.
    • After having multiple problems with my new BrailleNote (and by new, I mean less than a year old), I finally persuaded the people at the Commission for the Blind to purchase me a more reputable one from a different company. Hence, my new baby (which I’ve had for less than a month, but am loving so far) is called a BrailleSense. His name is Tommy. (And yes, the BrailleSense and BookSense are made by the same company.)
  • But what is more important to me than all of the things mentioned above is the fact that I still have a healthy puppy! She’s on medication still, and probably will be for a while, but The Seeing Eye is helping to pay for the expenses, which is completely and utterly awesome of them.

That’s all I can think of for now. I know I’m probably leaving things out, but therein lies the problem of only updating once every million years. I’ll try to write more frequently. For now, though, I need to see where my dog went, and if she happens to be hording one of my tennis shoes. Talk atcha later!


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  1. Nancy said,

    Well up until now, I thought I was busy but you make me sound like a slacker. Incidentally remember me, so called former menter, who still means to keep in touch? Any way I am so glad Eldora is doing better and back with you. Also excited to know that I am not the only one to have problems with Braille Note. Very rude people also at Humanware. I will be at the student seminar and hope to catch up with you in between times.

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