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Thursday, August 25, 2011 at 11:22 am (Happenings in KD's life)

At this point, I would usually commend myself for writing 2 entries so close together. However, through bitter experience I have come to learn that 2 blog posts in quick succession does not mean I’m back into any sort of regular pattern. We’ll just have to see this time, I suppose.

Anyway, I just returned home from my summer adventures this past Sunday. These adventures included, but were by no means limited to:

  • Attending the NFB national convention in Orlando
  • Working as a counselor for the Buddy Program, a camp for children ages 9-13 put on by Blind, Inc.

Yes, there were only 2 items in that list, but believe me, they were a very eventful 2 items.

The convention was, as usual, a fun time. I made new friends, caught up with old ones, got lost in the hotel, bought and sold things to support NFB divisions … the normal stuff. I also worked on a collaborative writing project with some friends while I was there (Translation: Role-playing with characters from our respective pieces of original fiction. Yes, I really am that much of a nerd …), which meant that I was very sleep-deprived by the end of it. That was unfortunate, because I went directly from Florida to Minnesota to begin my next adventure.

Well, what can I say about Minneapolis? I love the city and the public transportation. I love the fact that a lot of my friends live close by. I therefore may end up moving there sometime in the near future for grad school. You never know. As for the buddy program … it was hard work with some difficult children. There was bullying, tantrums, injuries, and all manner of challenges. Especially since the other counselors and I were with the kids almost 24-7. Of course there was also teaching and learning and watching them grow in confidence and maturity. There’s just something about hearing a little girl who was terrified to ride a horse begging to do it again after she actually tried it, and a boy teaching the other kids how to search for videos on Youtube using skills I’d taught him, that makes it all worth it. But the main thing this adventure has made clear to me? I am not having children anytime soon, thanks.

Anyway, after visiting some relatives who lived nearby and attending my sister’s bridal shower (yeah … she’s getting married. More about that later.(, I am back in my lovely apartment, getting everything together for classes to start in October, and my upcoming trip to Spain. (Yeah, it got postponed. Again. More about that later too.)

Be on the lookout for another entry with a list of things I should have mentioned in the entries I should have been writing. For now, though, I’m gonna go see about some lunch. Hopefully I’ll write more soon! Hopefully …


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1 Comment

  1. maxine said,

    Hi Kayde!
    I didn’t know you had a blog, so was delighted that you mentioned it.
    Speaking of blogging–I’ve been so bad this summer on updating mine!
    Glad you survived camp!
    I’m looking forward to going back & reading your former posts & hearing from you again! (hint, hint!)
    Maxine J.

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